BAg tag options

Metal - Stamped/Raised


Create a classy bag tag with your logo or wording raised and polished. 

Available in gold, silver or copper!



Start with a black or brown leather the create a custom metal insert with your logo in any look. 

A back plate can be added to personalize your leather bag tags.



A full color print helps these aluminum bag tags pop.

Any shape,

Any size

Bag tags

Top Seller


Although golf bag tags are our top sellers, many corporations and schools are using bag tags as an avenue to market through their employees, friends, colleagues and family. 

Custom Made

Custom aluminum bag tag partial color with hole for metal strap

Each bag tag from Jupiter Engraving is custom made with your logo and/or concept.

Custom made choices include size, shape, color, material and attachment.

Member Bag Tags

Antique gold bag tag with partial color and raised club name and Member

Show your appreciation to every member by creating a luxurious and custom member bag tag.

Personalize it the day they join your club, on your own Jupiter Engraving System.

Guest Bag Tags

The Wanderers Club guest bag tag - antique gold no color

Create a guest tag program that will make everyone feel like a member. Personalize them in the golf shop or corporate suite after the round or game to give them a great last impression.

Give Back Together

The Salvation Army golf tournament bag tag giveaway 

Antique gold partial color

If your charity is having a fundraising event, let Jupiter Engraving support you by giving you a discount on your order, personalize the VIP's names for free in advance or show up to create an experience to raise even more fundraising dollars. 

Thank you!

Kansas University "thank you for your donation" bag tag

Antique silver partial color

Personalized bag tags are a great way to show your gratitude for their support, donation, time and energy. 

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