IBM client experience review

Tim Alben, IBM Client Experience Director


Heather is an extremely personable and organized person. In my role as sports marketing manager for IBM we entertain many clients at sporting events and need our vendors to represent themselves in the same manner we would expect from our own employees, and the Jupiter Engraving team always met and exceeded those (high) standards. Their personalized products and attention to detail, coupled with their reliability, personality while interacting with guests, and excellent products were very much welcomed by our guests and appreciated by our entire staff. Jupiter Engraving was a value-add to our program and I would strongly recommend her and the Jupiter Engraving team.

Aaron Stevens, Highland Golf Club


Our Jupiter Sports Engraver has really added a great service to our golf shop. We now can engrave bag tags, coins, and name tags on site, which helps us care to the needs of our members in a timely fashion. Even more, the custom coins and bag tags are of good quality and craftsmanship. Jupiter Sports also provides great support; whether it be on the phone, over emails, or even FaceTime. They were willing to spend time with me to make sure I was comfortable in using the new engraver. I highly recommend this product to golf shops looking for that extra touch.


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